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Church of the Resurrection is part of the Diocese of Niagara ( which is under the leadership of Bishop Michael Bird, eleventh Bishop of Niagara.


Some of the leaders you’ll meet at Resurrection are:



Rev. ??? ??? (Rector)

Rev. Leon Burke (Honourary Assistant)

Rev. Elizabeth Steeves (Honorary Assistant)

Rev. Canon Dr. Margaret Murray (Honorary Assistant)

Rev. Bob Linklater (Honorary Assistant)


Jessie-Ann Bradshaw (Music Director)

Adam MacNeil (Assistant Musician)


Clare Stewart O.N. (Lay Reader)

Nancy Clause O.N. (Lay Reader)

Carl Sneyd O.N. (Lay Reader)

Beryl Baker O.N. (Lay Reader)

Dunstan Jordan (Lay Reader)

Steve Swing O.N. (Lay Reader)

Glenna Swing O.N. (Lay Reader)

Brian Taylor O.N. (Lay Reader) 




In baptism we make a new beginning: we make a declaration about how we want to shape our lvies around the example and teaching of Jesus Christ. It is a moment when we turn away from all that draws us away from God and we turn toward the promise Jesus makes us of abundant life. When we are baptized we make promises about what we want our lives to look like, and the community of other followers of Jesus promises to support us in that new life. We’re washed clean in the water of baptism, and we share in Christ’s resurrection.


At Resurrection, we celebrate baptisms during our Sunday morning services, usually at the 10:30 a.m. service. Candidates (or their parents) complete an application form, and meet the rector to prepare for this important and sacred event in their lives.


If you’re thinking about baptism for yourself or your child, please contact the parish administrator via email or at 905 389 1942. Even if you’re just interested or curious, give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk more about it!




Congratulations and best wishes as you prepare to begin the life-long journey of marriage!

Marriage is a way that two people enter into a deep commitment and relationship, living and growing together faithfully in love throughout their lives.


We would love to be part of this amazing moment in your life. If you are interested the best place to start is to call the office at 905 389 1942, and make an appointment to speak with the rector. That conversation will help you to get to know us, and for us to get a sense of how we can best walk with you through the planning to the wedding day itself.




If you are saying goodbye to a loved one who has died, we offer you our sincere condolences. Funerals, memorial services and celebrations of life are all ways to mark the passing of those we love and have lost; we give thanks to God for their life, we receive the comfort of being with friends and families in the presence of God and we say a farewell, entrusting those whom we have loved into the arms of God.


If your loved one has just died, it’s easiest to contact us through your funeral home at the same time you’re making arrangements with them.


Otherwise, please call us at 905 389 1942.


Planning Ahead
All too often, relatives are left wondering about what a loved one would have wanted for their funeral. You’re most welcome to meet with the rector to talk through the options and ideas. We’ll prepare notes from the conversation, and leave copies with you as well as holding onto a copy on file. It’s a way of ensuring that your family and friends won’t have to worry about details in their grief. To speak the rector about your own end-of-life and funeral wishes, please contact us at 905 389 1942.



Children and Youth

Children, young people and families are always welcome at Resurrection. 

During the Sunday service children are invited to participate in a children’s talk at the front of the church and then gather outside the worship space for activities that build on what they have heard and learned. They re-join their families to receive communion.


Our Youth Group meets regularly for social and faith-related activities, usually on a Sunday evening.


We have annual family services on Christmas Eve (4pm) and in preparation for Easter on Maundy Thursday (5pm). There are occasional family games nights and an online Facebook forum to keep church families connected.


Confirmation classes take place every other year.




We are fortunate at Resurrection to have a number of priests and lay readers attached to the Parish and so our sermons are diverse and include many voices and styles. Sometimes we preach in series, following a theme or idea through a season, other time we base our sermons on the lectionary readings assigned for the day. You can read a few sermons by clicking on the links below:






Music connects with spirits in profound ways so it is an important part of our worship and prayer. At Resurrection, we incorporate music in many ways through both hymns which we have inherited from our tradition and new songs that broaden our expression. We have a choir that rehearses at least once a week and supports our congregational singing and performs on special feasts and festivals and at their annual concert. 

Auditions to join the choir are made by appointment with our music director who can be contacted on a Sunday or by leaving a message with the Parish Office.



Prayer Shawls

A faithful group of people meet regularly to knit or crochet prayer shawls which we bless and take to those who are sick or in need of comfort. It is a sign of God’s love surrounding them and the community of the church supporting them. 




As part of our Justice Ministry a number of Icons have ben donated to Church of the Resurrection to teach and inspire us through lived examples Justice-Making. We invite you to take time to dwell with the images here or as you enter or leave the worship space and find out more about people who have changed the world.



Parish Library

Our Parish Library is located downstairs in our Fireside Room. It is arranged thematically around subjects that help us grow in and understand our faith: Jesus, the Bible, Spirituality and Prayer, Saints, World Religions, Church history and more.  


In 2017 after receiving a grant for our ‘Living Black History’ ministry, a Black History Resource Library was added in the fireside room. Resources for all ages are available to borrow by arrangement. Teachers resources for local schools are also available.



Growing in faith is a life-long journey and we support that here at Resurrection in a number of ways:

  • Through diverse ways of

  •  worship.

  • Through an annual Lenten book

  •  study

  • Through special education

  •  events and guest speakers.

  • Through Bible studies and

  •  prayer.

  • Through our Parish Library

  •  Resources.

  • Through preaching series’ and

  •  guest speakers.


    Recent education programs have included: ‘Bible 101’, ‘Prayer’, ‘Making and using prayer beads’ (workshop), ‘Tending our mental health’, ‘Justice issues in our community (Fair Trade, Food Security, Mental Health, Housing), ‘Queer: Understanding Gender and Sexuality’, ‘Living Black History’ (now an ongoing ministry), ‘Truth and Reconciliation’.






    For all general enquires please call the Parish Office at 905 389 1942

    You can also email us at

    435 Mohawk Rd W, Hamilton, ON L9C 1x1