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Resurrection Administration & Committees



Parish Corporation 2017

Left to Right: Ken Cairns, People's Warden; Kathy Szota, Rector's Warden;
Tim Blackwood, Deputy People's Warden; The Rev. Mike Deed, Rector

Dunstan Jordan, Deputy Rector's Warden

Parish Council Members 2017

Irena Howard; Pam Wood;
Michael Wood, Lay Delegate to Synod
John Martin;
Irene Campbell, Treasurer
Andrew Clinkard,
Alternate Lay Delegate to Synod
Jolissa Rogers,
Youth Delegate to Diocesan Synod
Pam Blackwood;
Tracy Trofimencoff
Adam MacNeil, Alternate Youth Delegate to Diocesan Synod; Sarah Benson;
Tammy MacNeil
Vicky Buchan Louise Johnson Mary Martin Salonen, Lay Delegate to Synod
The Rev. Leon Burke,
Associate Priest
The Rev. Canon Dr. Margaret Murray
Brian Taylor & Beryl Baker
Lay Readers
Clare Stewart, Carl Sneyd &
Nancy Claus, Lay Readers
Glenna Swing &
Steven Swing, Lay Readers



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